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How to Access Government-Funded Training For Your Food Processing Staff

How to Access Government-Funded Training For Your Food Processing Staff

Support is available for businesses looking to fund their workplace-based training.

We should be proud of the high quality of food we produce in Australia. From farming all the way through to food processing, there are standards in place to ensure food in Australia continues to be produced at a high standard. 

When it comes to food processing, it’s a combination of quality ingredients, training, and manufacturing processes that make our food what it is today. The right training and certification are essential for anyone working in food processing. So food manufacturers in Australia should always ensure their staff have the right skills and knowledge required to perform food manufacturing tasks to the highest standard.

Gaining a nationally recognised certificate in food processing is one of the best ways to fast track training for your staff. Through workplace-based training, staff can pick up essential skills and knowledge for food processing. Getting your staff trained to the right competencies that suit your company and their role could lead to formal certification while driving performance standards.

Recognising that course fees can be a barrier to staff getting the right training, state governments across Australia now offer financial support. Getting access to government funding isn’t always straight forward. Applying for funding can vary from state to state. So it’s important for staff and employers to look into your state’s funding criteria. 

Finding a government-funded training partner

Before you start looking for a training institution, consider exactly what courses are required for your staff. Some may require certification in warehousing operations while others need training in food processing. It also helps to establish what level of training they require. Daily staff duties may only require Certificate II instead of a higher Certificate III in Food Processing. 

RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) across Australia have their own contracts with state governments. These contracts enable RTOs to offer courses at government subsidised rates. In some cases, courses are only government-funded when taken on as part of a traineeship. That’s why it’s so important to always read the fine print while you’re looking for prospective RTOs.

When you approach a training organisation, take the time to discuss your business’s production requirements. You may be surprised to find just how well some training courses are suited to your workplace. Confirm with a training provider more specific details such as the duration of the training courses and onsite training hours. Factors like these can influence the cost of training staff.

Only use training providers registered with The Australian Skills Authority (ASQA). By being part of the ASQA, these training providers have been approved to deliver nationally recognised training which is required by national and jurisdictional legislation in Australia. 

Applying for government-funded workplace training

State governments across Australia have different funding systems and application requirements for funded workplace training. These requirements are often different or continue to change due to the needs of industries.

You can spend countless hours reading state government legislation and documents to find out if your company is eligible for government-funded training. Alternatively, you’ll find many national training providers offer assistance when it comes to government funding. You’ll find training providers are willing to support your business by checking your eligibility for funding. After all, it’s in their best interests to enrol additional students and business into their training programs.

Many factors can influence whether your business or your individual staff can qualify for funding. You’ll find some training organisations across Australia now offer to check eligibility for you. A good training organisation should be able to check if your staff are eligible, and what your obligations as an employer are during the training period.

Take the hassle out of government funding with NFI

The National Food Institute is an Australian Owned Registered Training Organisation that specialises in the food processing industry. Established in 2007, NFI is dedicated to providing practical workplace training that expands a student’s knowledge of work skills. Courses are tailored to include units of competency that are directly related to their individual daily tasks and the company’s current and future direction.

Our aim is to make accessing available funding easy for you and your business. NFI will conduct all funding (both State and Federal) eligibility checks for your business and staff. We will then provide a proposal which covers all funding available, costs to your business (should there be any) and expected time required for direct training and assessment.

With access to the right information, it’s never been easier to budget for workplace staff training. With a clear course structure in place, your business and staff can make the most of it. Your staff can be financially supported with Government funding that covers a percentage of course fees. You can also rest assured that your staff will be better equipped to perform their food processing jobs with relevant on the job training. Better access to training can drastically improve the performance of your staff and the quality of the products you produce.

Back your business with tailored workplace-based training. Contact the National Food Institute today.

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